Meet Dr. Sandy

Dr. Sandy has been practicing psychology for the past twenty years. Born in Chicago, raising a family DrSandywhile working and attending classes, filled her life. Dr. Sandy also has a great fondness for animals, and currently brings three to the office with her regularly, to participate in the counseling process.  She has found that the peace and understanding her dogs offer bring enlightenment and support to her clients.

One of the many programs that Dr. Sandy was involved with provided in-home counseling with foster children and their foster and biological families. Assessments were completed on more than 1000 children who had been reported to the Department of Children & Families. These assessments provided information to be able to protect children from abusive treatment and neglect.

Dr. Sandy also has had extensive experience in the hospital setting and many times legal involvement to help families to stay together or to save the child from an abusive setting.

Today Dr. Sandy’s practice is located in Ft. Myers. She works with individuals, couples, children, elderly and families. Many times she will put together Groups pertaining to the needs that she sees are prominent in her practice. Reaching out and meeting the needs of the people is one of her goals.